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Does any of this
sound familiar? You…

  • Have become an anxious person around your child.
  • Are not taking care of yourself like you used to.
  • Feel overwhelmed and embarrassed by your child’s behavior and emotional struggles.
  • Don’t understand why your child is the way they are. You just want them to be “normal.”
  • Feel like you’re always the one disciplining your child.
  • Fear your child will fail to thrive.
  • Are afraid your marriage is suffering because you disagree on your child’s level of need.
  • Live in a constant state of anxiety, hoping your child won’t act out, run away, hurt someone, or hurt themselves.
  • Are anxious and embarrassed about what others think about you and your child.
  • Feel isolated and depressed, sometimes self-medicating with alcohol or pills.
  • Live in a constant state of stress and sleep deprivation.

You just want to be...

  • A better parent for your child.
  • Supported and understood.
  • Able to relax around others who “get it” and won’t judge you.
  • The kind of family who goes out to restaurants and enjoys fun activities without all the challenging and exhausting behavioral issues.
  • Equipped to raise a thriving “Orchid” who will achieve success and live a fulfilling, independent life. 

The good news is you’re not alone. It’s not your fault. Your stress and anxiety are appropriate to the situation. And we’re here to help!

Through our class you will...

  • Gain strategies and understanding to effectively address your orchid’s challenging behaviors
  • Empower your Orchid’s independence and sense of competence.
  • Learn how to support your Orchid in learning new skills.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot difficult situations for your Orchid.
  • Experience community with other Orchid parents who “get it.”

Be equipped for success! Our quarterly classes and ongoing membership ensure that you receive the resources and support you need to show up as the best parent you can be for your Orchid Kid:

What we offer...


Unlimited 24-7 access to online video classes and articles written by professionals and parents.


Connection and understanding with parents who also are raising Orchid Kids and are ready to share perspective and support.


You will immediately feel a sense of relief, support, and community being surrounded by parents in the same boat.


Practical and effective tools to help you anticipate challenging behaviors so that both you and your child will feel less anxious.

You'll feel relieved and empowered because you'll understand yourself and your child in a way that you've never experienced before.

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6-Week Class for Parents of Children Ages 3-12


Monthly Membership

Ongoing Program for Core Course Graduates