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Monthly Membership

For Core Course Graduates

Our Core Course gave you resources and strategies to help you better understand your Orchid.

Now, stay in the “zone” and keep going!

We see it all the time…

Parents finish the Core Course feeling empowered and capable. However, they soon realize how much empowerment and strength they received from the community. As new issues arise with their Orchid, they’re unsure of how to address them and come back feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Don’t let this happen to you!

Continue connecting with your fellow Orchid Kid parents to …

  • Hone your skills to increasingly and effectively help your Orchid.
  • Join a community where you can ask questions and continue learning.
  • Develop relationships with parents who truly get it!

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Monthly Membership
$34.99 / Month
Annual Membership
$375 / Year

Membership Perks

Live Meetings

Live, bi-monthly check-ins and group problem-solving support with Jen and Gabriele.
Yearly Value: $3600

Personal Attention

Individual, 1-1 sessions with Gabriele and Jen twice per year.
Value: $500

Core Course Library

Library Videos of all “Raising Orchid Kids” Core Course modules.
Value: $200

Access to Pros

Access to other child development professionals via Livestream and recorded webinars.
Value: $2,000

Content for You

A comprehensive (and ever-growing) resource list of relevant and enlightening content.
Value: Priceless

Community & Advice

A tribe of people who “get it” and can offer their experiences and ideas.
Value: Priceless

Your Price:

Total Annual Value: $6,300.00
Your Cost: Just $375.00/year or $34.99/month!

Registration is open, Join Today!

Monthly Membership
$34.99 / Month
Annual Membership
$375 / Year

What we offer...


Unlimited 24-7 access to online video classes and articles written by professionals and parents.


Connection and understanding with parents who also are raising Orchid Kids and are ready to share perspective and support.


You will immediately feel a sense of relief, support, and community being surrounded by parents in the same boat.


Practical and effective tools to help you anticipate challenging behaviors so that both you and your child will feel less anxious.

All your questions answered.

What do I get with my monthly membership?

Access to two live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jen and Gabriele per month (one evening session, one midday/lunchtime session); 2 30-minute 1-1 sessions with Jen & Gabriele; access to recorded webinars on relevant topics with Jen & Gabriele and experts in various relevant fields; access to Raising Orchid Kids Core Course refresher videos (broken down into 6 modules); Resource lists; regular communication with other parents who can relate to what you are navigating and managing.

What resources will I have access to as a member?

Resource lists of books, websites, articles and publications on various relevant topics; access to lists of recommended therapists, doctors and service providers; recorded webinars on various topics relevant to raising Orchid children; refresher videos of the Raising Orchids Core Course, broken down into 6 modules.

What if I can’t make it to both live sessions each month?

You can come as often as you like and as fits your schedule. We have a midday and an evening live session each month to try to meet everyone’s scheduling needs. One per month is great!

If I need to cancel my membership, how do I do that?

We hope you’ll stay forever, but if you want or need to leave us, you can just send us an email at to let us know you plan to cancel. We need at least 14 days notice before your regular monthly billing date (for example, if your monthly charge bills on the first of the month, you will need to send notice at least 14 days prior to that date).

Will the live sessions be recorded?

No. What happens during the group, stays in the group.

How can I suggest topics for webinars?

If you have a topic that you’d like us address, we’d love to hear from you! Just send us an email at

Registration is open, Join Today!

Monthly Membership
$34.99 / Month
Annual Membership
$375 / Year