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IEP Workshop

Individualized Education Program is what the letters IEP stands for. It is a LEGAL DOCUMENT that is meant to be a roadmap for students in charter and public schools who struggle to access the curriculum and who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) for services.

Services like: counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, as well as other academic services like reading or math intervention, and accommodations (like extra time on tests, adapted materials for curriculum access, written cues, etc.).

We are grateful to have Dr. James Siddall, a Licensed School Psychologist and the owner of JDS Psychoeducational Services, to lead this conversation with us. Dr. Siddall has worked as a practicing School Psychologist in Arlington for seven years, at both the high school and elementary school levels, before moving into private practice. He’s seen all sides of the IEP process.

For $25.00 you’ll have:

  • Precise language that matters in an IEP meeting
  • Specific things to ask for in your child’s IEP
  • Why IEPs are actually important (and how they differ from private services)
  • Time for Q&A about your child’s IEP

Summer Skill Building

As much as Orchids need a break from The Schedule, summer slide is also real. Summer is a perfect time to work on some all-important executive functioning skills while also enjoying some leisure time.

If you’re looking to create some learning opportunities this summer during the school break while also enjoying some leisure, our summer executive function workshop is perfect for you.

Check out this workshop full of strategies for teaching Executive Functioning skills designed especially for you and your Orchid Kid.

For $25 you’ll have:

  • What executive functioning (EF) skills are and why they’re critical to success
  • Why summer is the perfect time to work on EF skills
  • How to create summer executive functioning goals that feel manageable and doable

Click below to get instant access! Your future self will thank you for making this time!