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Welcome to Raising Orchids Membership

Let the learning adventure begin! You’ll find all your lessons below.

Exclusive Live Q&A

One of the best things about the Raising Orchid Kids membership is the Q&A Zoom calls! We meet twice per month (one evening meeting and one daytime meeting) to share wins, commiserate, and identify practical strategies and solutions to help you and your Orchid.

  • Second Wednesday of Every Month; 8:30-9:30PM EST

  • Fourth Wednesday of Every Month; 12:00-1:00PM EST

Meeting ID: 944 8601 2165 | Passcode: 555240

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Ground Rules for Meetings:

  1. What happens here stays here. Feel free to share your own experiences outside the group, but do not share other people’s stories without their permission.
  2. Speak from your own experience rather than diagnosing or prescribing. You know this already. Everyone and their mother has advice, and often you just don’t need or want it.
  3. Be kind. This is a nonjudgmental space.
  4. Bring your “Beginner’s Mind” to class. Be willing to think about your child in a new way and work to “take care of what is in front of you.”
  5. Be on time when you can, but when you can’t, come anyway.

Course Videos

If you’re like most people, you might need to watch the Core Course videos again and again until all the content really soaks in!

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These relevant and effective videos offer perspectives from a diverse range of professionals who are experts in their subject matter.


Watch Webinars


Over the years, we have carefully and intentionally gathered dozens of helpful resource links that offer insight and practical tools to assist you in navigating and addressing your child’s challenges.

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