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Feeling like you need 1:1 support right now?

We can do that!

Through our 3-week 1:1 mini-intensives, you’ll feel heard, seen and understood.

You’ll come away with some key mindset shifts around your child’s behavior. You’ll get concrete strategies you can use immediately to mitigate challenging behaviors, and you’ll learn how to shift from being RE-active to PRO-active. You’ll have an accountability partner to help with follow through and navigating bumps in the road.

Mini-intensives are a great way to get individualized support in a short amount of time.

You will:

  • Feel heard, seen and understood: you’re worried about your child and there is a reason for that
  • Shift your mindset around your child’s behavior
  • Get strategies to use immediately to mitigate challenging behaviors
  • Shift from reactivity to proactivity
  • Get individualized support, fully tailored to your and your child’s needs
  • Benefit from an accountability partner who can help you course correct

Imagine knowing how to stay calm, even in the midst of a major meltdown. Imagine experiencing fewer and milder meltdowns. Imagine having a toolkit for managing those predictable challenges (imagine realizing that many challenges ARE predictable!).

3 Weeks To Start Making Changes

What You Get:

  • 3 x 45 minutes sessions
  • Email support
  • Access to a list of resources (people and supplies)
  • Individualized action items based on your child’s profile
  • 1 customized visual support (chart, social narrative, schedule)
  • 25% off group class tuition
Cost: $500, Value: PRICELESS

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