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Parenting Teens Support Group

You’ve asked for it and we’re listening. We’re happy to offer a new Raising Orchid Kids: Parenting Teens Support Group

Adolescence is a time of tremendous development. There are MAJOR shifts happening in the brain and body that shake things up substantially.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by those changes and like you could use some solidarity from a group of folks who are also going through the Teenage Trials, our Parent Support ROK-Teen group is for you.

Here’s where we can talk about:
  • Role changes that are happening as you shift from Manager to Coach.
  • Hormones and other neurobiological Happenings
  • Why it might be ok that they’re sleeping more
  • What to do when teens are rude and disrespectful
  • How to balance their need for independence with their need for ongoing support
  • What’s expected in the teenage years
  • How to handle school refusal, social struggles, and bullying
  • What to do about Screen Time
  • And so much more

We’ll meet every other week at 12pm eastern on 6 Thursdays beginning on May 30th and ending on August 8th, 2024.

We’ve kept the cost low – just $250 for all 6 sessions – so that you can come and meet the people, get the support and the strategies, and start helping yourself and your teen.



Register for the Teens Parenting Support Group