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“I had a bad day”

“She’s having a rough day”

“He had a terrible day”

These are sentences that we’ve all said (including me), multiple times in our lives. But are they true? Like really true? 

Is it possible to have a day in which literally everything was Bad? 



Is there a day when every single thing was a negative?

Maybe. Maybe not. I”m not sure it matters, actually.

Because here’s the real question I really want to ask you:

Is it helpful to think “he’s having a bad day?”

If the answer is yes – CARRY ON. 

There’s a scenario in which thinking “he’s having a bad day” might engender some compassion, or some sympathy. 

And that would make someone feel generous and like extending some grace to the one who’s having a “bad day”.

BUT – if “I’m having a bad day” makes you feel defeated or depressed or anxious or worried that all the days will be Bad, or the whole day will be Bad, then I have some advice:

DITCH. THIS. THOUGHT. It’s not helping!

In the 12-18 hours when people are awake during any given day, the likelihood that EVERYTHING that happens will be “Bad” is close to zero. 

Even people who are caught in War, can find moments of joy, of connection, of “Good”.

Even people in prison can find moments of transcendence and forgiveness.

Even people who are abused can find strength and conviction.

That is not the same thing as saying that people have it easy, or that Life isn’t Hard.

Sometimes it is.

But only sometimes.

Not all the time.

Not every single moment.

Maybe a lot of moments.

Maybe most of the moments.

But even that is NOT ALL THE TIME.

Where can you find the “good” moments? 

Where can you spot the “wins”?

How can you remind yourself that a whole day probably won’t be all “Bad”?

In our free Raising Orchid Kids Facebook group, we have a weekly feature where we ask members to share their “Wins”. 

Sometimes they’re big, like when no one cried on the first day of school. 

Sometimes they’re small, like when Mom remembered to take a deep breath and not yell for a solid minute.

It is possible to train your brain to do this. But you might want some help. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Raising Orchid Kids core course starts on September 21st. You’ll have the chance to practice spotting the “wins” throughout the 8 weeks of the class, and you’ll get really good at it.
  1. Individual 1:1 coaching and strategy sessions. We can teach you how to spot the “poison thoughts” and turn them around in a way that feels natural and good.
  1. Join the Free Facebook Group by CLICKING HERE. You’ll meet a group of like-minded folks who are going through similar things at home.

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